One passionate chocolatier. Two International Gold Medals. Three time World Champion Chocolatier. Four Generations of pure talent. Five European Awards

Pierre’s obsession with detail and attachment to his 100 year confectionary heritage has translated into a passion for chocolate that transcends words. He has come a long way since the King of Belgium first commissioned young Pierre to bake a chocolate cake for the Royal Palace over 20 years ago. Now he’s pushing the art of confection to an even higher degree with his latest collection. Pierre’s new scrumptious collection will surprise you with rich and unusually refined blends that are intense in flavour and elegant in texture

Pierre knows the art of chocolate. Pierre Ledent's sweet creations have over the years have increasingly been associated with celebrity, nobility, royalty, luxury and style. He has several European Confectioner Awards and International Gold Medals under his belt. He won the Belgian National Arts Award two times in a row. Once in 1994, he won a top prize for every single competing category in a prestigious International confectionary championship in Tokyo.

Pierre Ledent's sweet creations have over the years have increasingly been associated with celebrity, nobility, royalty, luxury and style. Pierre Ledent’s stunning high end chocolates and confectionary sell in over 100 outlets around the world. Pierre Ledent has become a famous luxury brand amongst devoted chocoholics worldwide, due to the creativity and skill with which he produces his creations.

Everything Pierre makes is crafted with extraordinary passion and care. He uses at least 70% Cacao Beans from certified origins. Masterfully blending chocolate with ganache (fillings) from the highest grade available. He travels the world to personally source ingredients to meet his demanding standards. End result? Chocolates treats so delicious, they literally melt in your mouth.

Pierre Ledent strives hard to achieve that perfect balance between cocoa bitterness and a light, fresh, sweetness that lets the chocolate flavor explode in your mouth. The result? Simply gorgeous luxury chocolates, guaranteed to brighten up anyone's day

Pierre creates all of his own ganache (fillings) – from the melt in your mouth caramel, spiced Venezuelan chocolate, delicious Serbian raspberry coupled with fragrant Bulgarian rose petals. Pierre continuously works at each recipe, tweaking to achieve purity and complexity while always keeping chocolate at centre stage.

10 Good reasons to choose Pierre Ledent Maître Chocolatier

1. Heritage. 4 Generations of Masters. An unbroken lineage spanning 100 years.
2. Excellence. 2 International Gold Medals, 3 World Championships, 5 European awards
3. Quality. Highest quality ingredients grown in exotic regions around the world.
4. Artisan. Hand made from scratch. No short cuts. Constant tweaks.
5. Pure. No artificial preservatives or flavourings or colourings. Gluten free.
6. Individual. Each flavour is an extension of Pierre’s personality; clean, fresh and distinctive.
7. Fully imported. Made in Belgium in small batches,
8. Air flown. Air flown direct to you.
9. Exclusive. Enjoyed by the King of Belgium; Sought after by VVIP and connoisseurs worldwide.
10. Impressive. If you are looking to impress, Pierre Ledent makes a good solid gift.